[DIY] Upcycling Ideas and YERDLE!

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Being part of an online recycling community YERDLE inspires me to do more DIY crafty things!

I found a tutorial from one of my yerdle comrades on upcycling your own things to something completely new and i just cannot wait to try them!


See the rest of the article with the lovely upcycled goodies HERE.

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YERDLE : A Environmentalists Dream

Posted by kitiwiti on Aug 13, 2014 in american, culture, DIY and crafts, thrifting


YERDLE is an online trading community that promotes recycling, upcycling and giving. You can give away any old item you have in exchange for virtual yerdle credits. You can use these credits to bid on other items you might want being given away by someone else. It is “free” because you only pay for shipping ($2-4), plus whatever virtual credits are used.

I’ve been yerdling since April and I’ve been completely hooked! For special items I’ve even been known to set an alarm and wake up to anticipate the end of an auction.

Have I ever gotten any good stuff? Yeah, I’ve gotten brand new boxes of toiletries, pre-owned Anthropologie/ Free People clothing (which would otherwise be too expensive for me to purchase, even via Ebay), I’ve yerdled cameras, shoes, toys, etc.

I frequently see juicers, rokus, gaming consoles, laptops, phones, accessories, keurigs, coffee makers being traded on Yerdle. I even saw bikes, sofas and dining sets given away on Yerdle!

What have I given away?
Mostly stuff that I no longer use. Items I purchased overseas, or unused gifts that have been in storage for over a year. I love kitsch and my family knows that, but there’s only so much kitsch one can store! They must be rehomed!


Hence, Yerdle, and its a great solution to the growing clutter in your house. And if one had to puchase a walkie talkie, bluetooth radio, extra set of earphones, he could just check Yerdle and try to bid on a pair instead of spending $25+ and up.

The downside to Yerdle : it is only available in the US and for OS devices only so far.

But if you have an iphone or ipad and want to join Yerdle, you’ll automatically get 250 free credits. You want in?

Click HERE and earn another 25 credits from me.

This blog is not in any way endorsed or paid for by YERDLE.

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[DIY] Homemade Otterbox decal

Posted by kitiwiti on Aug 5, 2014 in art, DIY and crafts

I’ve been extremely bored with my plain jane OtterBox ipad case that I scoured the net for custom decals And otterbox skins. Finding nothing, I just decided to attempt this: a homemade Mean Girls-inspired otterbox sticker!


so I made my variation of this : I copied the Burn Book design on Photoshop last semester when we did a Mean Girls inspired play for Spanish class. I grabbed the raw file of LIBRO de FUEGO and changed some of the letters to customize it further.

With our regular colored printer, i printed on translucent Avery sticker paper and cut and made the camera holes, etc.

It doesn’t look as bright, obviously and i couldve measured it better. this sort of sticker paper works best only on paper.

In the end though, it looks better than nothing! I just hope it doesn’t rub off so quickly! I will have to have this printed on an actual decal/skin somewhere. :)

8/6/14 UPDATE: so it is hanging on the case for dear life but even as I have taken good care of it, it can easily slip off. thinking about putting clear contact paper over it tomorrow and see how that goes!

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Best Disney movies ever (& why Frozen quickly rose to the top of the list)

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so… i just realized my
top 4 disney movies are (in order):
1) little mermaid
2) frozen
3) mulan
4) aladdin

the songs really make the movie! ;)

case in point: frozen. it was released in november and the toys sold out in early december. kids everywhere couldnt stop singing the title track Let it Go and months later, parents, aunties and childless people are singing it on the streets too.

Ebay auctioned off elsa costumes for $1,000. thats kind of amazing. and why not, when the song Let it Go is a veritable earworm.

When the kids are singing a song sung by a girl – even little male kids – you know you have a blockbuster in your hands.

Now the reason I have not chosen frozen as the number one disney is because Little Mermaid stood the test of time as my all-time-favorite Disney.
And you never forget your first. ;)


Travel Visa-free

Posted by kitiwiti on Feb 26, 2014 in culture, Pinoy

Travelling on a whim? Here’s a great list outlining countries you can travel to with just your Philippine passport.


Now to get the funds,

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