Travel Visa-free

Posted by kitiwiti on Feb 26, 2014 in culture, Pinoy

Travelling on a whim? Here’s a great list outlining countries you can travel to with just your Philippine passport.


Now to get the funds,


It’s Good to Goodwill

Posted by kitiwiti on Feb 21, 2014 in personal stuff, thrifting

I usually pop in goodwill when i see one. they usually have furniture, clothing, books, toys. im always on the lookout for furniture or shirts to transform for my crafts.

Today i did not find anything interesting so I decided to go through the clothing. They had a yellow tag sale, 50% off. Needless to say, i only went for yellow tag items.



The fuzzy rosette lavender wife beater top is a Lauren Conrad, the purple knit tunic butterfly top is Forever21 (still with tag) and white clam digger pants from INC.


I normally dont wear white pants but they look thick and comfy (&newish) . someone left the latter in the dressing room and it fit me perfectly. How serendipitous!

Today’s Goodwill haul cost me only $7.25 cents ($2-3 each item). Kewl!

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Iphone Fail (a tale of iphone restore vs iphone backup)

Posted by kitiwiti on Feb 15, 2014 in american, culture, personal stuff

Well iphone dint fail exactly… I did. Let me explain:

Last november there was a really good black friday deal going on which gives one a $50 GC when you upgrade to the 5S. I already had a $75 giftcard so i only had to add a bit more.

My iphone 4s unit is mostly new (thanks to apple care) but I was running out of space.

However my 5s is 16gb. What i did wrong was restore the backup.

So what happened was half my apps and all my songs wouldnt download because of this. I could not go thru the updates, and of course i could not take anymore photos.

What i should have done was set it up as a new iphone and let icloud backup my contacts and important content. Even if you set it up as a new phone via itunes, it will still grab your itunes account and pull all your old apps in.

Today, I (wo)manned up and reset my phone.

So remember:
If you break your existing device and are able to get an exact phone replacement, and if your data backed up is current, do a restore backup

If you upgrade/downgrade a device, set it up as a new phone. You can get all your contacts and apps and media again via itunes& icloud.

Good luck!

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[DIY] Elbow Patch (an intro to Needle Felting)

Posted by kitiwiti on Dec 3, 2013 in DIY and crafts


Tutorial here.



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Posted by kitiwiti on Nov 26, 2013 in personal stuff

My sister said “What do you want for your birthday? Where’s your wishlist?”
Me: “I’m so done with wishlists”

I think I’m growing up!

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